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            Resident Assistant Position (2020 - 2021)
            Resident Assistant Position Logo

            Being a RA provides opportunities to
            develop valuable leadership and
            communication skills, to shape an
            environment that supports students'
            academic and personal development, to
            manage critical incidents and
            administrative tasks, and to make friends
            that will last a lifetime!

            We believe the RA position is one of the most crucial positions in our Department. For this reason, we want to select
            individuals whose skills, interests, and
            experiences are best suited for this
            challenging and enjoyable position. Selection decisions are based on information from the application, interview process, and references.

            Considering the RA position? Please review the following

            All candidates should read and understand these documents. The Position Description and Conditions of Employment shown here are part of a contract between Resident Life and current RAs for 2019-2020. These documents are only informational for candidates but give you important information to consider as a candidate.

            Information regarding the buildings on each side of campus is available in the Housing Overview page or on our Residence Halls page.

            Considering the RA position? Here are some things to think about
            • Are you interested in meeting new people and helping to build a community?
            • Are you a good role model and do you enjoy helping others?
            • Would you feel comfortable assisting a diverse group of students?
            • Do you feel you could approach a resident about a personal concern that has been brought to your attention?
            • Can you remain objective and fair when dealing with a conflict involving friends?
            • Are you able to react and express yourself clearly in tense situations?
            • Are you a good team member?
            • Do you project a positive self-image?
            • Will your study habits allow you to balance your academics with a RA position?

            If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, the RA position might be for you! Use the left navigation menu above to find out more about the RA position and the application process.