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            Leasing at The Courtyards &
            South Campus Commons

            Leasing at The Courtyards and South Campus Commons

            The leasing process for The Courtyards at University of Maryland (CTY) and South Campus Commons (SCC) 2020-2021 lease year will begin on November 14, 2019.

            Please review the information below if you are interested in living at CTY or SCC for the 2020-2021 lease year.

            You are also strongly encouraged to read the Leasing Frequently Asked Questions section on this website for detailed information about the leasing process.

            The Courtyards at University of Maryland and South Campus Commons

            The Courtyards and South Campus Commons ImageThe Courtyards and South Campus Commons are our public-private partnership undergraduate student apartment communities. The Courtyards and South Campus Commons were built on University land and are managed by a private management company, Capstone On-Campus Management. Students who lease at The Courtyards or South Campus Commons must be approved by the Department of Resident Life. Students living in these communities sign leases with Capstone On-Campus Management, rather than Housing Agreements with the Department of Resident Life, as they do for other on campus Residence Halls.

            The Courtyards
            The Courtyards opened in 2000. The complex is located at 8000 Boteler Lane near the intersection of University Boulevard and Metzerott Road, near the Xfinity Center and less than one mile from the center of campus. The community consists of seven garden-style apartment buildings housing 732 students. Apartments range from 4-bedroom/4-bathroom units, 4-bedroom/2-bathroom units, 2-bedroom/2-bathroom Standard units, 2-bedroom/2-bathroom Deluxe units, as well as 2-bedroom/2 bath Quad apartments which house 4 students (2 students per bedroom in the quads). At The Courtyards, all aspects of the property are managed by Capstone On-Campus Management. Students must adhere to the conditions of The Courtyards lease as well as the UM Code of Student Conduct.

            South Campus Commons
            South Campus Commons is located adjacent to the South Hill Community residence halls at the southern edge of the campus. The 7 apartment buildings house 2178 students and are all single bedrooms within apartments which range from 4-bedroom/2-bathroom units, 2-bedroom/2-bathroom units, and a limited number of three-bedroom, one-bedroom, and studio units. Capstone staff manages the leasing, maintenance, service desk operations, and all financial matters for South Campus Commons. The UM Department of Resident Life manages the residence life program including the hiring and supervision of Resident Assistants who live and work in each of the halls. Residents living in South Campus Commons must adhere to the conditions of the South Campus Commons lease as well as the UM Code of Student Conduct and the rules and regulations set forth in the Community Living Handbook.