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            Leasing at The Courtyards &
            South Campus Commons
            Eligibility and Priority

            • Leasing eligibility is determined by the University of Maryland’s Department of Resident Life.
            • Students must be in good academic, financial, & judicial standing with the University to be eligible to sign a lease.
            • Lease-holders must be undergraduate students registered full-time at the University of Maryland, College Park.
            • First priority for leasing for the August 2020 - July 2021 year is given to current (Spring 2020) on-campus residents who are rising 3rd year students (rising juniors*).
            • To be pulled in to either community by a current SCC/CTY resident, you must either be a current SCC/CTY resident, a rising 3rd year (rising junior*) on-campus resident student, or a rising 4th year (rising senior*) on-campus resident student based on the number of semesters you’ve been in college since graduating from high school
            • Students must submit a 2020-2021 SCC/CTY leasing application by the March 1st deadline.

            The chart below outlines the order of priority for leasing in South Campus Commons and The Courtyards. This priority order is based on the Department of Resident Life’s Housing Commitment Policy.

            Resident Life’s Housing Commitment Policy
            Order of Priority for SCC/CTY Leasing appointments Group Description Number of Semesters of Undergraduate Study # of Semesters of Undergraduate Study (including the Spring 2020 semester) Eligible to be pulled in to spaces by current SCC/CTY Residents?
            1st Priority On-Campus residents - "Rising Juniors"* 3-4 Yes
            2nd On-Campus residents - "Rising Seniors"* 5-6 Yes
            3rd On-Campus residents - "Rising Sophomores"* 1-2 No
            4th On-Campus residents - "Rising 5th year Senior"* 7 + No
            5th Off-Campus Students Any Number No

            *As defined by the Department of Resident Life’s Housing Commitments Policy based upon number of semesters enrolled at any college or university. If you have questions, please email pppleasing@umd.edu.

            Based on current projections for Fall 2020, residence hall students who are rising third-year students will once again have the highest priority for leasing spaces at The Courtyards and South Campus Commons during the Open Leasing Process.

            After all interested on campus Rising Juniors have had an opportunity to lease at their Open Leasing meeting, on campus Rising Seniors will have an opportunity to select from remaining spaces, followed by on campus Rising Sophomores, then on campus Rising 5th years, and finally Off Campus students may have an opportunity to lease an apartment.

            All interested students must submit leasing applications by the applicable deadlines to be eligible to participate in the leasing process.